One Tryck Pony

One of the podcast-o-sphere’s leading lights, the mysterious and yet simultaneously highly exposed, One Tryck Pony stops by to talk guilty pleasures. Instead of coughing up titles, however, she ends up in a shamelessly flirting with two of Julian’s neighbors, both recent (and vulnerable) graduates of NYU. This episode-within-an-episode was originally thrown together at the request of Dawn and Drew, two even more important podcasters who now broadcast their shows on the wondrous SIRIUS radio. While marked #3 on the episode list, this was actually an early exercise, but one with some really groovy guilty pleasures. Listen in as OTP, Julian and new buddies Nick “Danger” and David “Manarm” indulge in precisely the sort of dorm-room kibbitzing you’d never actually want other people to hear.


Ana Gasteyer’s Elegant Songs from a Handsome Woman

Julian met TV’s Ana Gasteyer some years ago when she appeared as his special guest (along with Molly Ringwald and Jennifer Holiday) at The World Trade Center’s Winter Garden. Julian’s series of concerts there were the very first after it was rebuilt following the events of 9/11. Since then, Ana and Julian have appeared together… Continue reading →