This sweet collection of whimsical songs has a theatrical bent, perhaps if only because the story-telling is so well-crafted.

With a velvety voice reminiscent of Mel Torme and an ability to deliver like Sammy Davis, Jr, Fleisher’s performance abilities play as much of a star role as his songwriting.

But don’t mistake me, the songwriting is extremely strong. From the imaginative, cleverly fun lyrics of the title track, “Finally” to my tongue-twisting favorite, “What You Need,” to the endearing and lovely, “Nothing Worth Loving,” the collection also includes some wonderful acoustic guitar and full-band accompaniments.

Fleisher also includes covers that showcase his passionate but intimate performance skills.

The 10-track album was written and produced by Fleisher and follows his critically acclaimed Rather Big album. Finally is a bit more understated, but still includes the Julian flair and voice that fans and critics love.

Acoustic Nation

With his gliding falsetto and runaway panache, Fleisher [is] the inarguable, indelible hero of the household.

New York Times

Julian Fleisher is a knockout as the slyer-than-sly cat who befriends Coraline. Mr. Fleisher, a theatrical novice, is a not-quite-lounge singer whose smoothly ironic cabaret act is familiar to habitués of the nightclubs of downtown Manhattan. I didn’t know he could act, but he does a first-class job in “Coraline,” and I expect we’ll be seeing more of him on stage.

Terry Teachout, Wall Street Journal

The set is a potpourri of sweet, memorable material… Do not miss the chance to catch him.

Billboard Magazine

Don’t call Julian Fleisher a revivalist!

New York Magazine

Terrific…enough energy and adoration between the two to light up the Hollywood skies. They captivate!

Hollywood Reporter

…she enlists the help of an inscrutable black cat — a sublimely disdainful Julian Fleisher.


…I don’t want to sign off without saying a little more than that about Julian Fleisher and His Rather Big Band. Fleisher is a not-exactly- lounge singer who does brainy, oddly tilted versions of such unlikely pop tunes as “Rainy Days and Mondays” and “For What It’s Worth” (yes, I mean the Stephen Stills song about the man with the gun over there telling me I’ve got to beware), backed by a slick 11-piece group that blew the roof offJoe’s Pub…I’m definitely coming back for another try, and probably another one after that. I like smart music, and Julian Fleisher is way smart.

The Washington Post

…applaud the casting of Julian Fleisher as George—he has the bonhomie, the knowing looks, the den-mother coddling, the grade-school teacher cheer, the man-of-the-world theatricality, the self-deprecating humor of a man with a great idea and the personality to pull it off. He’s so vividly rendered you believe he might walk off the stage and, if you’re lucky, invite you to a Forties soiree—and you would go with him most anywhere. Fleisher’s singing voice is less than overpowering, but his songs in the show are the kind that make you lean forward and listen. He’s a major strength of this production. You would be glad of the chance to spend time with him even if his housemates weren’t famous writers.

New Haven Theater Blog

Entertainment worthy of any Manhattan nightclub.

The Baltimore Sun

Singer-composer Fleisher has been a Manhattan nightclub supernova for some time…with a fabulous voice, a soaring instrument.

The LA Times

I trail them around the city worshipfully…ready to swoon as I am to Julian Fleisher and his Rather Big Band!

The New Republic

He’s got beat, drive. He catches the rhythm. His headlong enthusiasm is hard to resist.

The New York Post

A unique combination…young, chic and timeless…

Baltimore Magazine

Delightfully bizarre… two spectacularly large and soulful voices

Backstage West

But for me the most completely drawn character is a cat. Portrayed by Mr. Fleisher, who isn’t remotely feline-looking, this yawning, stretching Cat (who plays an important role in Coraline’s deliverance) has all the compelling self-containment and capriciousness of his species.

Ben Brantley, NYT

The most unique and polished duo in town… fun in this upbeat, slyly wacky way.

…the songs do stand out, such as the Cat’s solo number — terrifically delivered by Fleisher

Frank Sheck, Hollywood Reporter

He is the Sizzling Sultan of Swing; sultry, sonorous and sublime.

Interior Design Magazine

I have seen the future of vocal Jazz! He’s got a marvelous, resonant baritone, with impeccable intonation, and a wonderful choice of material. This is no Feinstein, or Pizzarelli, or Connick. He’s powerful, yet lovable…talented, funny and hip.

LA Jazz Scene, East/West Connections

For once, the publicity is accurate…they play off each other with reckless, almost magical precision

LA Weekly

Absolutely the best cat I have ever seen onstage

Michael Feingold, The Village Voice

This is how to market jazz singing to a new generation. Fleisher’s canny combination of top-notch musicianship, sweetly neurotic energy and full-tilt commitment to his material is irresistible to even the most cynical of today’s hardened young listeners.

Sonik Magazine (UK)

…The Human iPod.

The Baltimore Sun

Not since “Sunday in the Park with George” does a musical so dazzlingly explore the role of art, artists and the “real” world in which they live with such creativity, intelligence and heart. Julian Fleisher anchors the evening with his special brand of charisma.

The Hartford Currant

The best of the New Breed of hot, young Jazz singers.

Rex Reed

Intoxicating…Fleisher and Plimpton make an irresistible team, with unerring chemistry, obvious regard and fabulous voices, her delicate belt a perfect fit with his soaring instrument…a triumph of intimate spontaneity.

The LA Times

Fleisher has the tools and the know-how to build a pretty big monument to Mel Tormé and Ella Fitzgerald.

The Music Paper

Bottom line, this cat can swing!

The Musicians’ Exchange

A fixture on the downtown scene…generating quite a following on both coasts…sharp-edged compositions and favorites by everyone from Irving Berlin and Joni Mitchell to Prince and Pink.

The New Yorker

Singer-composer Fleisher has been tearing up Manhattan stages…groovy!

The Village Voice

He lit up our stage like few singers have. His band was on fire.

The Waldorf-Astoria

This seemingly unlikely pairing of the nightclub entertainer and the award-winning actress…could end up with the dynamic duo becoming the next Steve and Eydie

A charming singer with impeccable taste…(he treats Joni Mitchell with the same reverence as Ellington). It’s a rockin way to spend a Friday night!

Time Out New York

New York’s most exciting young Jazz vocalist!




He puts other singers his age to shame, both live and on wax!