Appearance in The Man From Elysian Fields

The latest feature from cinemaster George Hickenlooper — auteur behind Hearts of Darkness, Dog Town, The Brass Ring and the indispensable guide to cinema’s second golden age Reel Conversations– promises actually to have some popular appeal.

The Man from Elysian Fields stars Andy Garcia, James Coburn, Angelica Houston, Olivia Williams and Mick Jagger. It received its world premier at the Toronto International Film Festival, was picked up by Lion’s Gate at Sundance and Roger Ebert decribed it as “wonderful because of its — I hesitate to say ‘old-fashioned values,’ but there you are. Maybe ‘traditional craftsmanship’ is a better world. George Hickenlooper’s The Man From Elysian Fields has sharply defined characters, dialogue of intelligence and wit, a fascinating premise, and keeps building through all three acts. It feels like work by Preston Sturges or Ernst Lubitsch; there is an elegance and confidence that trusts the audience.”

Julian appears as himself: a self-deprecating (if highly-evolved jazz singer) who, well, sings! His own tune, no less, the redoubtable All I Require. Go here to see the stunning results!