Beijing New York

Starring Chinese superstar Chi-Ling Lin and directed by cinematic wunderkind Rain Li, Beijing is a transcontinental love story that needed a song at its center. The film’s central character has left her love behind in Beijing to pursue a new life in New York, a life that includes a career as the leading lady in a smoky downtown nightclub. Throughout the film, we return to this setting (filmed in the Lower East Side’s Slipper Room) to watch and to listen as the song ushers the story’d central themes to their inevitable conclusions.

After meeting with the film’s producer, director and star — all of whom had thoughts about how the song should sound, feel and function — Julian penned Me and the Moon (And the City and You), the song at the center of the movie. He also produced several demos and the final recording session with Chi-Ling Lin and served as an extra in the filming of the performance.

In the demo below, the lovely Kristen Sieh sings the song in an early iteration.